Theme From “W.K.R.P. in Cincinnati”


DM7                                            Em7            EM7/A                                                         DM7

Baby, if you've ever wondered, / Wondered whatever became of me,
                                                                Em7       Em7/A                          D

I'm living on the air in Cincinnati,  / Cincinnati, WKRP.


          EbM7                                                   Fm7/Eb                                                                                      EbM7
Got kind of tired packing and unpacking, / Town to town and up and down the dial
                                                                      Fm7/Eb                           Fm7/Bb                                                EbM7

Maybe you and me were never meant to be, / But maybe think of me once in awhile.
               DbM7                         EbM7

I'm at WKRP in Cincinnati..